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Adolfo was only a little kid when he first saw Eric Arenas, pioneer of Peruvian kayaking; he was with the first kayak ever in Peru. Adolfo immediately knew he wanted to get in one of those and run all those great rapids he used to admire from the canyon observatory in his hometown, Curahuasi.

At that time the kayaking and rafting community in Peru was very small so Adolfo had to contact Eric himself and borrow a kayak. He learned to kayak by watching Eric perform in the river near his house.

Every Friday after school he would go all the way from Cusco to Curahuasi so he could borrow one those almost spacial crafts and chase the Apu's rapids.

Such as: he already knew he wanted to do this forever so he went off to college and studied Tourism in order to give a more professional twist to his passion.

As a professional kayaker and rafting guide Adolfo has guided passengers groups down some of the toughest whitewater in the world, such as: the Futaleufu in Chile, the Apurimac in Peru, among others.

He has also lead many experienced kayakers down class V+ and VI excursions, as well as rescue trips in different Peruvian rivers.

Apurimac Explorer is the result of a little kid's dream and a man's determination. With more than 10 years working in tourism, Adolfo has gained the experience to venture into one of the most challenging rapids in the field - the one of Tourist satisfaction.

Applying the same principles as in the water, Apurimac Explorer offer you and your family the experience of a lifetime prioritizing the security of you, the explorers. Apurimac Explorer offers excellence, security, integrity to make your vacations an experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Our Mission:
To share our passion for the Apus and Rivers of our beloved country, by promoting conscious tourism, where respect for the Pacha Mama primes and a genuine connection with the source, is achieved.
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